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Books 2012: what better accompaniment to plague?

Books 2012: 184

184. Mira Grant, Feed. Orbit, 2010. Ebook.

Zombie novel by Seanan McGuire's alter ego. Entertaining, well-paced, interesting take on both zombies and journalism, maybe a little over-valorising of the heroic reporter-type. I'm not sure whether the tragic twist it pulled off was a horrible bait-and-switch cheat, or an interesting narrative twist, and its final section includes some of the most obvious emotional manipulation I've had the privilege of reading for quite some time - but although I can see what Grant's doing, it still succeeds in playing on my feelings.

So I'm not too sure about my overall impression. I do know that I got the ebook for $1.99, and I don't feel like paying $7.99 for the sequels, so I guess I'm not entirely impressed? On the other hand, if the sequels were four euro, I'd be right on that.

Conclusion: worth getting second hand or from the library? Or maybe in paperback at full price, since I prefer things I can touch.

Who knows. I'm just going to go back to my cough medicine now. And try find something else that doesn't require much brain.

Worthy of note: Orbit seems to be having an ebook sale, since I noticed N.K. Jemisin's The Killing Moon and James S.A. Corey's Leviathan Wakes were also discounted to $1.99 on Kobo. (The former I have in paperback, awaiting a more en-brained hour; and of the latter I have heard much concerning its offhandedly misogynistic treatment of women, so I'm not so interested.)

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