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Writers and academics at work

hawkwing_lb 9:04 pm is there a Hobbit monopoly?
this seems somehow wrong.

hawkwing_lb 9:06 pm the boardgame Monopoly.

matociquala 9:06 pm heh
that does seem wrong

hawkwing_lb 9:06 pm presumably we are buying up the Shire and Goblintown?

matociquala 9:06 pm Dale?

hawkwing_lb 9:07 pm But what I can't figure out, right, is what you build on them.
Orc farms?

matociquala 9:07 pm homely houses?
hobbit holes?
dwarvish delvings?

hawkwing_lb 9:08 pm elvish dwellings?

hawkwing_lb 9:08 pm Maybe you plant Ents.

fadethecat 9:08 pm I thought you built evil factories in the Shire.
Isn't that traditional?

hawkwing_lb 9:09 pm hee

matociquala 9:09 pm Only if your token is the One Ring.
What would the tokens be?

hawkwing_lb 9:09 pm Coming Soon To a Shire Near You: the Homely House MegaHostel

matociquala 9:10 pm Ring, Silmaril, Broken Sword

hawkwing_lb 9:10 pm horsie.

matociquala 9:10 pm galadriel's flask

hawkwing_lb 9:10 pm troll.

fadethecat 9:10 pm Shelob!

matociquala 9:10 pm tokens are objects
not animals

hawkwing_lb 9:10 pm wizard's staff

matociquala 9:10 pm except for the scottie dog

fadethecat 9:10 pm So we could have that one named pony instead of the terrier.

matociquala 9:11 pm or a warg

stillsostrange 9:11 pm Many ponies had names!

hawkwing_lb 9:11 pm (a wizard's staff has a knob on the end, a knob on the end, a knob on the end)

stillsostrange 9:11 pm Or at least two...
I only remember Bill and Fatty Lumpkin.

matociquala 9:11 pm Shadowfax.
Technically a horsie

hawkwing_lb 9:11 pm maybe you get a hobbitfoot instead of a shoe

matociquala 9:11 pm poor hobbit

stillsostrange 9:12 pm They're good luck!

fadethecat 9:12 pm Fatty Lumpkin! That was the one I was thinking of.

hawkwing_lb 9:13 pm also, does Middle Earth have such things as banks?
do you borrow from Smaug's hoard?
does defaulting result in getting burnt alive?

fadethecat 9:14 pm What does Smaug eat, anyway?

stillsostrange 9:14 pm Dalemen.
And ponies.

hawkwing_lb 9:14 pm people

stillsostrange 9:14 pm And dwarves.

matociquala 9:14 pm anything he wants
Dragons don't develop weight problems.
They just grow in length

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